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  1. It varies for everyone, because people prioritize things differently.1.这得视乎个人情况,因为每个人关注的点都不一样。

  2. Learning.2. 吸收新知识。

  As a new grad, and if you aren't learning, you will get bored very quickly. Your brain is still active--use it!作为一名应届毕业生,你没有吸取新的知识,你很快就会感到无趣。趁你的头脑仍然处于活跃的状态——那好好利用它!

  3. People.3. 人际关系。

  If you are absolutely in love with the work you would be doing, but can't stand the people you are working with, you will leave. Ask the companies if you can talk to more people or spend time with them in a casual setting. Feel out who you'd love to spend time with because after all, these are the people you will be spending a majority of your time with over the next few months.如果你确实非常喜欢这份潜在的工作,但你无法忍受与你共事的同事,你会辞职的。询问该公司,你能否与更多的人交谈或在轻松的场合与他们相处。想想你希望花点时间与哪些人相处,因为毕竟,这些人将会占用你加入公司后大部分的工作时间。

  4. Value Add.4. 价值的提升。

  After 1 year of working, is this a place where you can walk away if you had to and say? Does this job add something to your personal toolkit that can help you get to the next step in your life even if you don’t know what that might be yet?经过1年的工作,这是不是一个你能说走就走的地方?这份工作能否给你增加了有助提升自我价值的技能,即使你还没发现呢?

  5. Room for Growth.5. 晋升的空间。

  If you do well in your job, does the company support personal growth? What are career trajectories or how can the company support your personal ideas as you move forward?如果你非常胜任这份工作,公司是否提供激励个人发展的支持?你的职业发展轨道是什么?在你职业晋升的轨道里,公司所提供的支持能否助你一臂之力?

  If you have more than one offer, what should you do?如果你有多个职位邀请,你怎么做?

  6. When thinking about company location, salary, benefits etc, make sure that you are fairly comparing your two offers.6.在考虑公司地点,薪资,福利等因素时,确保你在公平地衡量两个职位邀请。

  If you have an offer for an entry level role at a large company and a small company, know that the salary is going to look different. If you are comparing a startup, know that the salary is going to look a bit different. If you have questions about your offer, ask! Communicating early will show maturity as a candidate, and will also help you understand how a company is willing to negotiate and answer your questions to see how valuable they really think you are.如果你有一个职位邀请是大公司里的基层员工,而另一个是小公司的,就该意识到薪水的差别。如果你在对比着新创办的小公司,那就要意识到薪资的差别只有一点不同。如果你对自己的职位邀请有任何疑问,那就提问吧!及早与对方沟通交流会显示一名求职者的成熟,还能让你更清楚地了解该公司对于商务谈判和解答疑难的意愿,从而显示你对他们的价值。

  This list is very subjective.What may be important to you may not be important to me (and vice versa). For both companies, I would consider the following:这是非常主观的问题。也许你认为重要的因素我并不这么认为(反之亦然)。对于两家公司,我会考虑以下这些因素:

  Potential for learning and expanding my current skills学习与拓展现有技能的潜力Upward mobility potential往上晋升的潜力Current compensation (relative to local market conditions)(与当地市场条件相适应的)当前职位的补贴Health insurance and other fringe benefits医疗保险与其他津贴Driving/commuting distance and time交通/通勤距离与时间Financial health of the company (i.e., "Is there even a remote chance I won't get my paycheck?")公司的经济状况(即,“我有没有可能被欠薪?”)Historical growth of the company and assessment of their future growth公司的历史增长率与对未来增长率的评估。An assessment of the company/corporate culture and their values公司的评估/公司文化与价值观。An assessment of my would-be boss/supervisor对潜在雇主/主管的评估An assessment of why I "wouldn't" want to work there对我不想在这里工作的原因的评估。If I like/believe in the product or service they provide我是否喜欢/支持他们的产品或服务Average historical pay increases/year end bonuses平均历史加薪/年终奖励

  I have spent my career helping employees evaluate job opportunities. Here's a few things they have found helpful as they weigh job offers:我的工作任务就是帮助求职者评估不同的工作选择。下面就是他们认为衡量职位邀请的方法。

  Do your research多作研究调查

  Not just on the company, the team, and the job (although it's very important to do this as well), but also research your motivations for doing what you do for a living. Do you go to work everyday because you enjoy solving problems? You like to travel? Ambiguity excites you? 不仅研究该公司,团队和工作(尽管这也是非常重要的),还得研究你的谋生动机。你每天去上班是因为你享受解决问题吗?你喜欢旅行吗?还是因为表意不明让你感到激动?

  Understanding your motivations will help you identify the roles that are right for you. 了解你自己的动机能让你选择最适合自己的工作。

  Evaluate the role评估职位

  It's easy to get distracted by compensation or the thought of how a brand name employer will look on a resume. What is more difficult is to think about the long-term by maximizing the important stuff in the short term. 是的,我们很容易受工作补贴的诱惑,或只是因为老板对简历上的大公司名字的想法而模糊了焦点。更困难的是得仔细考虑如何在短期内把重要的事情最大化以达到长期的目的。

  Research has shown that those who maximize job stretch and growth in the short term, earn significantly more in the long run than those who chase compensation. Will the opportunity presented to you allow you the ability to stretch and grow in your role?有研究表明那些能在短期内最大化发挥工作技能,获得进步的人,能在长期的发展中比追逐福利报酬的人赚取多得多的收入。那么这个职位能否为你提供增长技能与个人提升的空间呢?

  Think twice before you leap. What you should do is to prioritize your major focuses, do some researches, communicate with people and believe yourself.三思而后行。你该做的就是把自己最关注的信息按重要次序列出来,多作研究调查,与他人沟通交流,并相信你自己。